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Free Download: Stock Breakout Trading System

Example Trade of Stock Breakout System

Today I wish to give you a free stock trading system I have been using for the past 4 years trading stocks and Forex pairs, and I found it to be highly accurate

Trading Psychology: 100% Illusion

risk:reward ratio

Today I want to discuss an important part of trading psychology which blocks many traders from achieving the trading success and profits they deserve: the 100% win rate fallacy.

How to Trade the Double Bottom Pattern

Double bottom Pullback

The Double Bottom is one of the most frequent and accurate reversal chart patterns. It appears in virtually any stock, commodity and Forex pair and signals the beginnings of uptrends in any timeframe. After reading this article you will be able to identify and trade this chart pattern for immense profits.

October 18th: Gold Chart Analysis, McDonald’s Triangle Chart Pattern

Gold Chart Pattern Analysis

A Ascending pennant chart pattern has just been broken in the Gold commodity in the 4-hour timeframe.

Analysis October 15th: Channel Breakouts, Target Reached +30.5% Gain

Channel chart pattern

First of all we can see that the Channel trade we have signaled at the Palladium commodity resulted in a $220 gain – almost 31% gain in just a few days!

Chart Analysis October 5th: Channels and 32.5% GAIN!

Goldman Sachs Broadening Wedge

We are very pleased to inform that the Short trade we recommended a month ago has almost reached its target and made 32.5% in gains!

Analysis October 2th: Pullbacks and Gains Report

SGL Triangle

As we have predicted the pullback entry was very profitable and has already made more than 3% gain on this trade.