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Stock Charts Analysis April 15th: Trend Line and Triangle Chart Patterns

Amazon Stock Charts Analysis

First chart pattern that we can spot is in the Amazon stock, we can spot a strange channel pattern, with two parallel trend lines.

Stock Charts March 31th: Trend Line at Gold, Channel at Intel Stock

Wedge chart pattern

In Exxon Mobile stock we can see a strange wedge pattern.

Chart Analysis November 30th: Diamond Chart Pattern, Double Bottoms

Diamond chart pattern

First chart pattern we can see is the Diamond chart pattern at EADS stock.

Chart Pattern Analysis 21th: Wedge Patterns, Triangle, Pullback to Resistance

Channel chart pattern

First pattern for today is the good ol’ Channel pattern, at the Kraft foods stock.

Chart Pattern Analysis November 16th: Triangles at Gold, Palladium and GOOG hits Resistance

DAX Triangle Chart Pattern

First of all, we can see a very accurate Triangle chart pattern at the DAX-30 (the German stock index).

Chart Pattern Analysis November 13th: 13.1% Gain + 5.1% Gain on GOLD Trade

Gold successful pullback after double bottom

I wish to start by showing you the Gold trade we recommended a few days ago has reached its target and got the traders 5.1% Gain, and about 87.85 points profit.

Chart Analysis November 4th: Double Bottom at Gold, Copper

Double Bottom Pullback at Copper

The Double bottom pattern that we have signaled a few days ago has started to move in the right direction.

Chart Analysis November 1th: Double Bottom at Copper, Wedge and Pullback

Double Bottom at Copper

A very accurate chart pattern has just appeared at the Copper chart: the Double Bottom.

October 18th: Gold Chart Analysis, McDonald’s Triangle Chart Pattern

Gold Chart Pattern Analysis

A Ascending pennant chart pattern has just been broken in the Gold commodity in the 4-hour timeframe.

Analysis October 15th: Channel Breakouts, Target Reached +30.5% Gain

Channel chart pattern

First of all we can see that the Channel trade we have signaled at the Palladium commodity resulted in a $220 gain – almost 31% gain in just a few days!