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How to Trade the Double Bottom Pattern

Double bottom Pullback

The Double Bottom is one of the most frequent and accurate reversal chart patterns. It appears in virtually any stock, commodity and Forex pair and signals the beginnings of uptrends in any timeframe. After reading this article you will be able to identify and trade this chart pattern for immense profits.

Analysis August 16th: Double Top Pullback, Range

The first chart pattern today is the Triple Top we have identified few days ago at ExxonMobil stock. As you can see price has begun the pullback to the neckline and we can expect price to hit the neckline (marked in Red) of this stock chart pattern, and then begin to reverse. After you see […]

Chart Analysis 11th: Descending Triangle at Goldman Sachs, Ascending at Google

Descending Triangle Chart Pattern

We can see a powerful bearish pattern in Goldman Sachs stock that was just broken downwards, and another bullish chart pattern at Google stock …

How To Trade the Double Top Pattern

The Double Top is the most common chart pattern. It is responsible more than any other pattern for reversal of trends and is considered to be one of the most reliable and powerful chart patterns in Stocks and commodities. in this article you will learn to identify and trade this chart pattern for maximum profits.