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How To Trade the Triangle Chart Pattern

The Triangle is one of the most popular chart patterns, that generates profits on Stocks, Forex and commodities. In this article you will learn which triangles to avoid and which to trade, and how to trade them for maximum gain.

Channel Pattern at ADBE, Flag Pattern at AXP, Triangle at BIDU

Three chart patterns with high win rate and good risk:reward appeared at Adobe Systems, American Express and Baidu. Precise psychology and trading signals are specified for each pattern.

Triangle at Broadcom

A Triangle chart pattern has appeared at the Broadcom stock (BRCM) – a semiconductors company. The triangle pattern consists of two converging trend lines which are steep in slope, creating a shape of a triangle. It is a non-conclusive pattern which is not very reliable, though it is generally considered a continuation pattern (62% of continuing in the previous trend’s direction).